Owners Ed and Melinda are two of the most loving and caring people you could ever meet. Their home always smells fresh and clean. They never pass a guest without a gentle touch or kind word. 

Recently. I was invited to install a wingman toilet seat in their guest bathroom for the increased comfort and safety of residents and visiting guests.

In short, Safe Harbor Assisted Living really cares proactively and better ways to serve. 

Posted on: 11/3/14 by Stephen Cowen 

Amazing compassion and dedication! Ed and Melinda provide the most loving care for their residents that I have ever come across!!! And they have the Wingman Toilets seats that provide that extra level of safety and dignity for the residents.

Posted on: 10/25/14 by Inga Jermaine 

My dad , who is 92, has been a resident at Safe Harbor Assisted Living for over a year now. I feel that I was very fortunate to have found Safe Harbor for my dad as it has fit his needs extremely well. My dad was in another assisted living facility in Denver for about 6 months. That facility is a more typical residential facility with over 200 residents. My dad was never very happy there and I feel did not received very good care. After visiting Safe Harbor in August of 2013, my dad was very excited to come to Safe Harbor. The small number of residents and the "hands on" care have worked very well for him. Melinda and Ed Nava and their staff have taken very good, personal care of my dad. Mel and Ed are very compassionate people and have provided excellent support and care for my dad  as he has gone through some very trying times over the past year. I especially like that I am able to directly talk to my dads car givers and not have to go through several layers of people to get questions and concerns answered. An added bonus is that Mel and Ed have become friends. It is wonderful to know that friends are taking care of your dad. I recommend Safe Harbor very highly  and hope that if I ever need this sort of care, that a similar facility will be available for me. Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions. 

Posted on: 10/13/14 by Scott Dolenc

I am so thankful for Safe Harbor. My father has been here for 2 years and they treat him like family. He has dementia and routine and a safe environment  are very important. It is a loving, caring, giving home and they have all become part of our family as well. My Dad is so comfortable there and the care he receives is better than I could do for myself. 

Posted on: 10/10/14 by Wendy Conder 

Amazing, family atmosphere!

I love this community! It has been a wonderful place for my mother since she moved in. It is run by a Christian couple who truly loves all of the residents. Melinda, one of the owners, does not walk past any of the residents without hugging them or telling them more. 

Posted on: 6/3/2014 by Roxanne Mace